Shenaaz has presented to Schools, site Libraries and at Teachers Conventions, NCTE in USA and in Canada.

She has sat on the jury for Canada Council of Arts, Writers Union & Writers Guild of Alberta.

Shenaaz will tailor her talk to students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (45 min.) or hold workshops (90 min).

She is also available for Skype visits. Click here to contact her.

Some examples of her talks are:

  1. Birth of a Book: Writing Process from Idea to Book.
  2. Elements of a Good Story: Character, Plot, Setting, Scenes… 
  3. Freakish Folk/Fairy Tales
  4. Pocket Tales: Stories that fit in your pocket.
  5. The Story behind the story: Book Discussion: Child of Dandelions
  6. Games, Games, Games Galore Workshop: Writing thru’ games

Books used in schools:

Child of Dandelions: Grade 7-11 Human Rights, RefugeeForced Migration, Social Injustice  

Guidebook (Free)  www.bookcentre.ca/files/teachers/Child_of_Dandelions_Study_Guide.pdf

An Alien In My House: Grade 2-4 Family & Relationships

Treasure for Lunch: Grade 1-4 Diversity of Cultures and Identity.

Indian Tales & The Old Fisherman of Lamu: Grades 3-6 Social Studies Curriculum: India and Africa.

Teeny Weeny Penny & Grandma’s Heart: Kindergarten to Grade 2 Family and Identity