MASC Young Authors and Illustrators Conference
Ottawa, ON K1V 9K5

Here is a sampling of the comments on the evaluation sheets:

  • Tell her she’s very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very fun and amazing.
  • Mrs. Nanji had very creative exercises! She  always comented[sic] on how good our writing was.  I think that was nice!
  • She is very interesting, fun to be around and her games are excellent!
  • I think that this workshop was definetly[sic] worthwhile and I can’t wait to start writing a book!
  • She was really really nice to me and everyone else and it was really really fun.
  • She was a very fun and patient author who played games and entertained us while teaching us the aspects of writing at the same time.
  • She is fun, very creative
  • It was so much fun.  Best workshop ever.  Hope she comes back.
  • It was such a great experience for me, because I’ve always wanted to be an author.  Some of the stories that I started writing I will definitively[sic] continue!!


“Ahash & Timmey’s favourite part was when the monster taught the alien how to shoot, kick and throw because he would be able to play on the computer.

We liked the story because it was funny, imaginative and exciting.

In the beginning, Ben told his friends that, “An alien is in my house!” On the same day, the alien said to his friends “I’m in a monster’s house!” Ben said to his friends that the alien likes to eat green food only. The alien said to his friends that the monster only eats “C” food.
If you want to find out what happens at the end of this story read the book!”


“Martin’s favourite part of the story is when Ben told his friends there was an alien in his house.

Neesha’s favourite part of the story was when he said the alien in his house yaks and yaks like a parrot.

One reason why I want other people to read the story is because it was funny and Ben and his Grandpa used their imagination . The second reason why I want other people to read the book is because it’s exciting and we were amazed. The last reason why is because it was interesting and we liked the pictures.”



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